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Got my Dreams
Got my Life
Got my Love
got my Friends
Got the Sunshine above
Why am I making this hard on myself
When there’s so many beautiful reasons
I have to be happy

Sunday, March 29, 2009Y

got my hair cut today!!!
haha. looks ugly from the back!!!
but it's alright la. got a new look.

went for interview at tumble tots today. didn't know there was one at punggol plaza. until ivy told me. haha.going there for observation see if i really can work there on next sunday. hope i can get in.
going back for training tomorrow!! excited!!

ends at 4:21 PM

Monday, March 23, 2009Y

went to buy cage new cage today at serangoon. cos father not working otday and today de FYP meeting cancel.
hehe. and the fur of the baby bunnies start to grow le. there will be three blacks, one white, and one brown. =)

ends at 6:48 PM

Friday, March 20, 2009Y

classes are out at yandao.
but not with uncle they all everyday le. so sad.
but at least got someone i know everyday la.

ends at 10:36 PM


HAHA. I'm so happy! KIKI just gave birth to her kids yesterday night around 10pm.
everyone was so excited. haha. i was bathing cos the weather was damn hot den when i finish, i heard outside saying got baby liao. everyone thought it was just another bluff. but really got eh. haha.
there are 2 pink ones and 3 black ones. i know the pic cannot see la. cos got one hide below below the hays. haha.

going to sing K with cousins later. too long nvr sing le. haha. so excited.

ends at 8:38 AM

Thursday, March 05, 2009Y

had been busy working. and did even have enough sleep. ARGHHH

went over to IKEA today to find my new cupboard.
but instead i did not order the cupboard but bought catcus.
had them when i was young.
but feel like yang-ing them again.
cos they are easy to yang and nice.
but i got poked by it. =(
stupid needle in my finger.
nothing to do, so blogseeing again and i saw this again. IVY HO!!!

Did That Happen To You?

1. Answer the question as honestly as possible.
2. Post this as "Did That Happen To You?"
3. Tag 10 friends.
4. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
5. Have Fun!!!

1. What do you do if you are in the bathroom with a beetle flying around?
I will use the water from the shower at the beetle and shower on myself also so the beetle wont come near me cos i'm covered with water. haha.

2. What do you do if you hear a song you like playing on the radio when you are all alone in the room?
Sing of cos! What else can i do?!

3. You want to speak to your crush badly. What is your pick up line? (Yes. Both boys AND girls have pick up lines)
Erm... I don't know. what are you doing? haha. i dont know la.

4. What do you do if all your friends hate a particular band that you love?
You mean S.H.E? cos they are the only band i like. and i think everybody love them.

5. What do you do when you trip and fall in front of many people?
If i'm alone, the first thing i will do is see got people around me anot la. so paiseh!
If I'm with friends, i would just laugh and act nothing happen.
If will boyfriend, i think i will act ke lian.=( haha. den boyfriend will sayang. hehe.

6. You forgot to do your multiple-choice question homework (the one whereby you have to choose 1 out of 4 options given to you as your answer) and your class starts in 5 minutes.
anyhow put. 214232143321

7. You have bad breath and someone speaks to you. How do you react?
Erm.. cover my mouth and talk?
Pls tell me if i have bad breath. Thanks

8. You just finished gym and after a shower, you drop your underpants on the wet floor. What do you do?
If is the during gym wear that one, just put in my bag la. go homewash only.
But if is clean one, i will try to make it dry lor. abit wet nvr mind la. my reaction is fast ok? faster drop, faster pick up. so wont that wet also la.

9. What do you do if a personality quiz says that you have a lousy personality as your result?
I will be damn sad la. and believe it lor. den try to change to a better me.

10. Your friend gave you the worst gift you have ever received and asks: Do you like it? How do you react?
Of cos i will say i love it. there's no best gifts or worst gifts. it's the heart that counts. so friends, give me more presents!! haha.

11.(Continued from question 10) What are you really thinking secretly inside?
thank you. it's what i really think. i'm really grateful to recieve a gift, and someone really takes his/her time to get me a gift.=) i'm being honest here.

12. A hot guy/girl keeps looking at you while you are on the bus. What are you secretly thinking inside?
Hot guy? I'm pretty! =)
Hot girl? See what see? I'mnot interested in you. but i'll me jealous though, cause she's hot.

1. Ah mei
2. Leening
3. Peiwen
4. Uncle
5. Sab
6. Larry
7. Esmond
8. YenLeng
9. ShuYi
10. Mr Liong

ends at 10:13 PM