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Got my Dreams
Got my Life
Got my Love
got my Friends
Got the Sunshine above
Why am I making this hard on myself
When there’s so many beautiful reasons
I have to be happy

Tuesday, September 30, 2008Y

kiki is lao sai-ing everywhere. so kancheong about it. called the pet shop. said how is it possible that the old one will lao sai? but nvr mind. change the cage and seperate the two rabbits so kiki would not pass the disease to xiaobai. and go to the nearest pet shop and buy laosai medicine for her. if not say bye bye to her tomorrow. so me and liong rushed down to compasspoint to buy the remedy for her.
came back home in 20 minutes. and feed kiki the remedy. she refuse to drink at first but manage to let it drink finish without force. that's good.
father came home and asked what happen to the rabbit. and we say she laosai lor. dont know is it the dead one(gucci)pass the disease to her. because we nvr clean the cage after it die. den my father say, no la. impossible la.
after awhile he told us that he feed the rabbit with vege. kiki eat until very happy. haha. WTH la! they cannot eat vege yet lor. no wonder kiki will lao sai.
ok. at least we know that kiki is not scared and wont be scared to death. but still have to keep an eye on her. and feed it remedy everday till she's alright. if not have to bring her to the vet. =(
im sad and worried. still have to work later. dont know anything will happen anot. hope not.

ends at 8:17 AM

Monday, September 29, 2008Y

bought a black male rabbit ytd!!!
purpose: to let kiki have a sex partner! so they can have babies. =)
hope it wont die.
btw, it's name is xiaobai. and it look like Justice Bao (bao qing tian).
they keep sticking to each other la. irritating.
but so cute. hehe.
kiki act si wen la. dont want eat. normally it will eat like pig lor. and jump around. but no more le. dont know what happen. hope it's not too scared of the male rabbit. and trying to act si wen. =)

having ut later. so sian la. =((

ends at 2:16 PM

Friday, September 26, 2008Y

YEAH! mummy say we are going to get a male rabbit this sunday! so kiki wont be so bored.=)

ends at 8:57 AM

Tuesday, September 23, 2008Y

recieved call from mum just ten minutes ago.
when faci is still going through 6P.
gucci died.
gucci died.
i'm sad. speechless.
you are the first rabbit i've ever got.
and just two days and you are dead?
i love you,
although we only spend two days together
im sorry you were scare to death.
it's hard for me to accept.
but i will miss you.
this is the first time i lose something so dear...

you will forever be in my heart.
hoping time will go back.

ends at 4:06 PM


this fat pig was sitting beside me in bus today.
fat dao yao si still keep squeezing in.
i think i only occupy 2/5 of the seats lor. no space liao still squeeze. ma de! den nvr mind wor. still sleep. den the head tilt to my side. den slowly falling down to my shoulder. den still squeezing somemore wor. resting on me?
you think i your cushion ah? you more cushiony den me lor. so FAT!
wah! buay tahan. spoil my day la. early in the morning. kick you already still sleep back. push you already den sleep back again. F***! next time you still like that i push your head liao hor. ARGHHH!

ends at 9:39 AM

Monday, September 22, 2008Y

The Days


ends at 6:49 PM

Sunday, September 21, 2008Y


hehe!! went marine parade today to buy rabbits!
and they are SOOOO cute!!!
chosen this two. wanted a male and female but nice one only female.
so got two females.
cos the sales girl say every two to three months they will have 5-6 baies. OMG! ok. so get to females first and when i know how to take care den buy male to have babies!! hehe. =p
finding names for them.
and came up with lala and kiki.
den add together will be...
la + ki = lucky
but ah mei insist to have the name GUCCI
so there we have!
they are so cute!!
and we did notihng like what the sales person say.
No feeding, no touching.
We feed, we touch.
hope they grow up fast!

ends at 8:20 PM

Friday, September 19, 2008Y


F for my daily grade. WTF! at least a D i also shuang. MA DE! i got do RJ all that la. waste my time coming to school only. i rather dont come la. come still F. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!

Please do not miss any more classes.

It was evident that you were ill-prepared for the class. Even though you missed the first lesson but you could have read up on the problem statement, worksheet and 6P before coming second week's class. The materials for 1st week class were all available in the workbin. So that's really on your own sense of initative to find out what was going on last week.

Although you were lost, but you could have stayed back with your team and work out the powerpoint together. Apparently, giving up on your team in the third meeting didnt look right on you. Despite so much challenges and losing two members, your team went on to come up with their team presentation.

I will not change the grouping soon, because this is not fair to those who have already established their rapports within their teams. Please do some homework on your own and level up to the speed.

Fuck her la! everything also ask ben.
ask other people la. so bias de faci.
hate her lesson. it's boring!
even dawood's lesson beter than you.
spoil my mood.
say chinese in class somemore.
what kind of faci is that?
face like kena bang by lorry like that.
slap you ah!

ends at 8:56 AM

Thursday, September 18, 2008Y


went to school. but didnt went to class. again.
and decided to watch MAMMA MIA at the cathay.
so had favourite fish soup and off we go!
bus-ed down to marina. because i want to find my clip. but the shops were not opened yet. hais. so when gv and see if got the days movie anot. cuase darling want to watch. unfortuately the show only got 4pm de. so nvr mind. we went down to the cathay and watched mamma mia!
ok. we are juat bored. nothing to do one the one and half hour bus journey.
MAMMA MIA the movie

ends at 9:03 PM

Wednesday, September 17, 2008Y


went bird park with PYM and darren. and of course liong. met 11 at boon lay but we were late. haha. ok. lazy to type le. pictures and videos.

green and black couples. at the waterfall.

he's not my boyfriend. he's my bodyguard
guys are childish!

penguin dive

i thought this bird was beautiful.

look at the throat vibrate

look at their big mouth

parrot basketball

Parrot singing RASA SAYANG HEY!

bird show
prize won in the show. haha.
finished walking around bird park around 3.45pm. headed to VIVO and caught make it happen! not bad la. a little boring.


headed home!

ends at 10:56 PM

Saturday, September 13, 2008Y


went Kovan again. went out around 4.30pm. mum wants to buy Children's day present for her students. Me me and ning accompanied her. Liong pei us to Kovan only den he took the train to work. He's hardworking.
My Lover!
walked and walked around kovan. waiting for dad's call. hesaid he will meet us at kovan around 5 plus 6. but...
we waited and waited. walked around and around. sat down and eat KFC. walk again. and he's still not here.

So while walking around. ning took 20cents from mum and played this machine. the first picture. i call it the time-killing machine. it's fun. but i'm unlucky la. i'm bad at everything. hais. mum and ning won things la. and i have nothing. haha. spent around 4 bucks on this machine. haha. like 20 rounds of the game?
it's hard to win something ok? so we just keep playing. since dad is not here yet.

prizeswon. Cute erasers, torch light?, pokemon, and crayon
ok! he's finally here. around 8 la. lols. we spent around 3 hours at Kovan? who will be at kovan for 3 hours?!??! and that's not all.
we still went to look for plants. because of some fengshui shifu say one.
he said nothing about me la. what the... he says ah mei will be the most cleverest. ning will bring luck. what about me? just a piece of shit? ARGHHHH!!
ok. dont care. dont believe in fengshui also.
ok. reach home at 9.30pm. cos still went to buy fruits because today was 14th. tomorrow's
mooncake festival?

lantern festival?

mid-autumn festival?

ok. anything, one of it.

ends at 9:39 PM

Friday, September 12, 2008Y

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Caught this movie at vivo after zhao-ing class. too bored!
not bad. quite funny at some parts. but darling thinks different. he thinks it's nice.
Just finish my RJ. anyhow bomb one la. dont know at all lor. Asked wen wen and kel how to do. and i manage to opy paste the whole chunk of some website.

ends at 8:54 PM

Dawood:" starts with 'P', 'PO'
Class:Police", "People!" ,"Promotion"
Dawood:"PO! PO!"
Class:"Politics", "Political"
WTH! super funny la. he keep letting us guess words la.
I'm going home!!

ends at 11:08 AM

Wednesday, September 10, 2008Y



had a nice and fun day with love. bus-ed all the way to bugis, marina, cathay and home. haha. we got concession!! bought lots of things today and spent about $250. long time no like that le. long long one time also good la. haha.

went to have katong laksa. YUM YUM!
went over to the cathay and catch bangkok dangerous. not bad la.

things we bought for the day.

Got B for my nutrition. ok lor. he's grade is like han wee de lor. sian liao. and tomorrow is he's lesson again. =(
dont want go school la. school's too boring. still got 15 weeks to go.!!!!

ends at 8:42 PM

Tuesday, September 09, 2008Y


sunset from my house. and it's beautiful!

darling was massaging for me. and WOW!! a huge bee flew in and....
all of us ran out of the bedroom. and mum took baygon to try and kill it. but failed. haha. and while killing, she is shouting. haha.!! she managed to make the bee in coma. and used a basket to cover it. but not aiming properly. two tries!! two also nvr cover until the bee. haha. stupid. lucky got darling. he take up the backet and cover it. so dad came home. and he killed the bee!! YEAH!!

the bee and hero of the day.

ends at 9:03 PM

haha. the faci not bad la. like khalid. haha. she gong gong one. and not fierce. got chong type. those good good people face. she keeps smiling. good good. hehe.
now third team finish le. so early la. haha.
fellow friends. PP dues today. so send your PP!! =)

ends at 2:48 PM

Monday, September 08, 2008Y

曲:汤小康 词:徐世珍 编曲:吕绍淳


ends at 6:09 AM

Friday, September 05, 2008Y

15th Monthsary,

thanks for being there for me all the time
thanks for sharing your problems with me
thanks for trying your very best to find time for me
thanks for tolerating with my nonsense
thanks for giving in to me
thanks for cheering me up when i'm down
thanks for making me happy everyday =)
happy 15th monthsary, darling
i love you. <3

Second day of school and it's boring already. BORING!
WAH. super sian today la. sports law.
so many laws lor.
contract law, tort law, antitrust law, civil law, family law, labour law, criminal law and many more. the faci like to let us guess words la. wth??!!
" starts with H", "satrts with A"
HUH??!! for what la.
and i got a feeling this module will somehow end up like sociology.
and present finish the faci will one slide one slide go through de lor. waste time la
den 6p talk so long for what. i know im not listening. because i'm concentrating on my bladder. he talk so long ah. talk until i must "ren". after his 6p, me, wen, sab, keane, shah, five of us together stand up and go toilet. haha. and in the toilet complaining. lols
how can i survive for this module?????!!!!

haha. junwei came!!! he's so cute. and he knows how to talk. and he talks alot. and like always. he is playful and must move around one. cannot sit still.
and nest year i will be his tuition teacher.=)

ends at 10:12 PM

Thursday, September 04, 2008Y



first day of school. and just finish presenting. haha. so nervous. OMG!
and so sian la. later still need to go dow to clarke quay to find the manager. andi need to complete my PP!! ARGHHHHH!!

ends at 2:48 PM

Wednesday, September 03, 2008Y

if only it could last.

ends at 10:15 AM

Monday, September 01, 2008Y


when will my reflection show who i am inside?
my love
look at the mess! and unglam eating. OMG!

he looks sleepy

went home around 5pm. and liong went home. he'll be back around ten.
smsed my teachers:
-Mdm Zalina
-Miss Foong Poh Yi
-Mrs Kong (Liao Lao Shi)
-Miss Chay (Xie Lao Shi)
-Mr Tan Beng Guan
-Mr Chong SK
-Mr Tay Koon Hua
haha. and look at their reply. haha.
Mrs Kong
Thanks =)

Mdm Zalina
Thank You! =)

Ms Foong
Thanks! So sweet of you to remember. =)

Mr Tan Beng Guan
Thanks. Where you studying now?
R:Haha. Republic Poly. Same as ivy, shandy and xuefang.
Which course you all in?
R:I in sports and leisure management. Ivy in business application. shandy i not sure. and xuefang in new media.
Ok. all the best to your studies.

Mr Tay KoonHua
Tks! U r e girl who sang at punggol superstar rite? Good to hear from u. Cheers!
R: Haha. Ya la. you physics student you also dont know.Aiyo! went back to school on the celebration but cant find you.Most ofus want to see you
I'm so sorry. went to Malacca with 2 classes. Would like to see you guys too! Maybe next year's Chinese New year can visit me. Cheers!

Mr Chong SK
Lol, that day dont say today then say. Thx.^-^

ends at 6:24 PM